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With Gaslight, we're attempting to create a community space, not just through local artists' work on the wall, or live music nights, but by creating a place one can lean against the bar, talk to your barista, talk to a stranger next to you.  That's not to say it won't also be a place suitable for cozying up to a table for a few hours and working, but fostering real interaction with strangers, and the space, is deeply important to me. Not dissimilar to the bars tucked deep into residential neighborhoods that Chicago is famous for - the places that you've never heard of until a friend takes you, you fall in love, and are there once a week.

I'd like for our "internet presence" to reflect that. When we get a new coffee in, I'd love it for that information to travel through word of mouth, not the myriad internet outlets. I've been going back and forth a lot lately about the necessity of maintaining an internet presence and I'm wondering if it's possible for a new business to eschew twitter, tumblr, facebook, google+, whateverelsethereis in favor of just having a good ol' fashioned blog but mainly encouraging word of mouth, face to face information sharing . The internet, and it's content, while so permanent just feels really temporary to me. While I can remember virtually every conversation I had yesterday, I can't remember anything I did online.



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