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Materials Unlimited

While Charlotte and Peter finish up our architectural plans, we've been going over our options for build out materials. Here's a few things we've been milling around, let us know what you think.


  • ccb

    i DEFINITELY like the ideas of having chairs.

  • gaslightcoffeeroasters

    absolutely, if you see any good old ones, made in USA, pick ’em up!

  • Mikel Coulter

    auction is next week on Friday so I’ll check it out and see what they have.

  • charlotte & pedro

    ooh!!! just reading this – thanks for the shot out tristan & zac!

  • Mikel Coulter

    There are a lot of gal light lanterns that go through the auction house if you want me to get some for you.

    The Ice Guy (aka, dad….)

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