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it's starting to come together

Today we met with our architect, our designers*, and our general contractor/wordworking genius  today. They each pulled through with some brilliant ideas, solved most of the problems we had, and just generally made us more excited/optimistic about this project. It's starting to feel real, and I think the final outcome is starting to materialize in our brains a bit better. We've got an awesome space, but it's been really difficult to visualize how everything is going to fit in it - it's really large (almost 2000sq ft) but shaped like a lopsided triangle, so figuring out how to utilize the space to the fullest has been a challenge - but our team made it happen. This place is going to be so rad.

We love you guys. For keeps.

*designers (Peter & Charlotte Smith) just so happen to own one of my favorite stores, Tack & Jibe in Leland, MI, and are still working on their arch/design website.

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