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Campfire Design

To build a Flamethrower:
3 cedar planks.
10 copies of USA Today.
1 roll bailing wire.
1 NASCAR lighter. (only NASCAR lighters work, others are total pansies.)
Some bricks.
1 father looking on disapprovingly
1 death wish.

Needless to say, we're using some pretty interesting/ancient wood finishing techniques.


  • charlotte


  • Sherry Hodges

    Hey, so how are things going there? How about an update?

    What if Tristan’s Aunt Sherry is just so proud and happy for him that she wants to help in some very small way? Like maybe to sponsor (donate, gift, whatever) some coffee cups or chairs or something. I’m betting you guys have tons of friends and family who would love to help and be a part of this! It would be so cool if you could have a gift registry at a restaurant supply store…though I don’t imagine that is usually done.

    So….what can I do to help? Love you Tristan!

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