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exciting news coming soon!

So, with our last days at Metropolis Coffee being a couple of weeks ago, and us being endlessly delayed by the city of Chicago and the permitting process (surprise surprise, right?) Zak and I both got guest barista gigs at shops here in the Chicago area to further hone our skills and to make some much needed extra money.

I'm working most every morning at CityGrounds coffee bar in the Chicago neighborhood of Lincoln Park (507 W Dickens). It's a great cafe and one of the top shops in the city (at least before I started working here...hopefully I'm not lowering the bar too much!). Their marquee roaster is Metropolis Coffee and also features offerings from Passionhouse, Barisimo, and other great roasters. The best part is that they've let me install our La Marzocco Strada (normally they're rockin' a Mirage Duette) so that we could get familiar with it and see how it performs in an actual retail environment.

Anyway, if you're in Chicago please stop by CityGrounds to get a shot off of Gaslight's Strada and say "hello!".

And the good news - it looks like we get to finally start the build out in a couple of weeks! As you can see, we got a little impatient, though. You wouldn't believe how therapeutic it is to rip out a wall...



  • Brenda Coulter

    So you guys moved that thousand-pound roaster AGAIN? [Shudder.]

    The walls are gonna look GREAT.

  • gaslightcoffeeroasters

    No, that’s the other wall. But we’re moving it into position soon!

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