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Wood n' Brjicks

Black sludge, fiberglass filled air, and lots of blood. All for a F'n latte. The last 3 weeks have gone by almost too quickly. We've managed to transform a powder blue insurance office into something that is beginning to look not like a powder blue insurance office...


  • charlotte

    AWESOMMMEE guys – framing lookin’ good. can’t wait to see the burned stuff! keep up the good work. xoxo the faraway architects

  • ian

    I believe the expression is “no pain, no gain.” I don’t necessarily believe in the infallibility of this wisdom, but the then again, the Ghetto Twiinz are never wrong. Never.

  • philco

    I was a pool boy growing up, use to clean the inside of commercial pools with that acid, wow.. be careful not so nice to the lungs.. oh dan the pool man.. joints and white vans.. those were the days :)

    Congrats guys, super guts!

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