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The One About The Shared Roastery

Since we're getting closer and closer to opening our doors, we thought it would be a good time to give a semi-official statement regarding our roasting operation in conjunction with Halfwit Coffee.

When this whole thing started, nearly a year ago, Tristan and I wanted to open a cafe and roastery in Logan Square. We had discussed looking for a space between 500-900 square feet, and purchasing a small 3-7 kilo roaster with the intention of roasting only for ourselves. Our plan was really simple, basically a glorified lemonade stand.

At the same time, our dear friend, (and the owner of Wormhole Coffee and Fritz Pastry), Travis was starting to look into the possibility of roasting coffee to supply his businesses. Wormhole had become a coffee purist's destination in Chicago, and it was becoming obvious that the next step was for them to begin producing roasted coffee.

A handful of drinks later, we hatched a plan, several plans actually, but the last one was good. We would lease and build out a larger space with Travis's help, Wormhole and Fritz would have full access to the roastery, and we would combine brain trusts of both companies to create a Voltron-esque roastery. The ability to combine these companies makes us all stronger, so why the hell not?

The long and short is simple, Gaslight Coffee Roasters roasts Gaslight coffee for Gaslight Coffee and maybe a few other folks. Halfwit Coffee roasts Halfwit coffee for Wormhole and Fritz. Both actions take place in the same room, by the same roaster, who essentially has two separate jobs that both happen in the same place. Easy enough to understand.

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  • April

    Fantastic. I’ve been passing your spot for months waiting for action…I live right down the street if you need any help! (or a barista, wink wink…)

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