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Brazil | Donas do Cafe

Brazil | Donas do Cafe

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This coffee is the result of four women producer lots - the "Women of Coffee" - in South of Minas. In conjunction with exporters SMC, Donas do Cafe is an exceptional blend of microlots selected via the "Epecialissimo" program that also works with the Cooxupe Cooperative to select the highest quality lots. The Donas producers are esteemed for the work and dedication allocated to their farm and coffee trees.

SMC facilitates communication and knowledge sharing to ensure each farmer is equipped and understands the stages of producing and cultivating high quality coffee, from the farm to relationships with clients around the world.

We're tasting baker's chocolate, tart cherry, and caramel.

Region - Sul de Minas
Varietals - Red & Yellow Catuai
Process - Natural