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Colombia | Fernando Velez (Coffee for Peace)

Colombia | Fernando Velez (Coffee for Peace)

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This delicious Colombian coffee comes to us from farmer Fernando Velez, who is a part of the Cafioccidente Cooperative in the Sur del Valle region, located in the central-southern and western part of the country. The footprint of this cooperative encompasses the western and central mountain ranges of the Andes on both sides of the geographical Cauca River Valley. This particular coffee is produced at an altitude of 1300 – 1800 m.a.s.l.

We purchased Mr. Velez’s microlot through the Virtual Buyers Caravan auction in 2020, in conjunction with Coffee for Peace. By separating this lot from the rest of the member-owned lots in Cafioccidente, Velez is able to ask for a higher price for his coffee.

We're tasting Rocky Road, marshmallow, and balanced citrus acidity.

Region - Sur del Valle
Varietals - 70% Castillo, Colombia
Process - Washed