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Colombia | José Heriberto Mejia (Coffee for Peace)

Colombia | José Heriberto Mejia (Coffee for Peace)

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Gaslight Coffee Roasters participated in the Virtual Buyers Caravan in early 2021 for microlot coffees from Antioquia, Colombia.

This coffee from the Antioquia region comes from the Sonson municipality was produced by farmer José Heriberto Mejia. This harvest produced approximately 2800 kg of green coffee from 2 hectares. It is a Colombia Castillo variety which is harvested 1620 meters above sea level and undergoes a washed process - 18 hours in mucilage. The coffee is depulped at the end of the day, leaving the coffee in fermenting tanks until the next day. The seeds are then washed twice and sundried.

This particular coffee and Mr. Mejia are part of the Cooperativa de Caficultores de Antioquia. His participation in Coffee for Peace, which is an alliance of coffee farmers and market allies in Colombia created to develop, facilitate and promote the trade of traceable coffees, helps him produce higher yields and quality while also raising their standard of living as a coffee producing family. 

We're tasting plum, caramel, and grapefruit.

Region - Sonsón, Antioquia
Varietals - Colombia Castillo
Process - Washed