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Costa Rica | La Loma

Costa Rica | La Loma

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La Loma is a farm located in the San Carlos area of Tarrazu, overlooking the Pirris River Damn. At 1500 - 1600 meters above sea level this well shaded plantation is thriving, planted with Catuai, Obata, and Milenio. It sits on the western face of a mountain ridge where the coffee gets soft afternoon sun and cloud cover from the Pacific Ocean.

Seylin Jimenez, her husband Alberto, and their 3 children work together to make up their family wet mill at La Loma. The farm that they grow and process coffee from has been in Alberto’s family for many years. The family is passionate about growing quality coffee for the specialty coffee market.

We're tasting vanilla cake, blueberry muffin, and black tea.

Region - Costa Rica
Varietals - Catuai
Process - Natural