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Ethiopia | Bishan Dimo

Ethiopia | Bishan Dimo

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Bishan Dimo is in the Dendi Uddo kebele (ward) of the Odo Shakiso woreda (district) in the Guji zone. Set on three hectares of land, it is slightly smaller than its sister washing station, Mulish. Bishan Dimo offers fully washed coffee as well as natural coffee. Recently, Faysel (the founder of Testi Coffee) and the Testi team have been working on small, fermented lots in Bishan Dimo. However, the washing station’s main output is still washed grade-one coffee.

The coffee itself comes from farms sitting at altitudes ranging from 1850 to 2050 masl. The trees are a mix of indigenous varietals of the Guji area as well as disease-resistant varietals from the Jimma Agricultural Research Center (JARC). The washing station trains farmers to ensure cherries are picked at the perfect time and arranges transport to make sure the cherries arrive at the station within one day – both important for highest flavor and maximum quality.

We're tasting pink lemonade, lavender, and pastry.

Region - Guji
Varietals - Mixed Heirloom
Process - Washed