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Tsuki no Hikari Green Tea & Standard Tea Brewer
Tsuki no Hikari Green Tea & Standard Tea Brewer

Tsuki no Hikari Green Tea & Standard Tea Brewer

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This set pairs the Tsuki no Hikari and Standard Tea Brewer from our friends at Spirit Tea -

Tsuki no Hikari Green Tea

Spirit Tea’s longtime producer, Kobayashi-san, is a practitioner of shumei, a natural agriculture movement that emphasizes the harmonious, reciprocal relationship of soil to plant and plant to farmer. Principled with a profound respect to the earth, the labors of shumei are successful due to a deeply aware sense of consciousness. The kabusecha genre is known for its high amino acid content, enunciating sencha’s inherent umami notes, but Kobayashi’s hiire process emphasizes the plant’s natural sweet acidity. Tsuki no Hikari, plucked with care and roasted with reverence, is the result of a tea master’s expertise, a thriving plant, and the unanimity between.

Notes of stinging nettle, spearmint, and roasted fava beans.

Region: Kyotanabe, Uji, Japan

Producer: Mr. Kobayashi 

Brewing Recommendation: 5g tea | 340 ml water | 160°F | 2:00 min


Standard Tea Brewer

A "press-pot" style teamaker with borosilicate glass and graduated milliliter markings, the Standard Tea Brewer is both simple and functional. Easy to clean with plenty of space for your leaves to breathe as well as excellent heat retention from the double-walled glass, it is an ideal vessel for everyday steeping.

  • 350ml capacity
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Brushed stainless steel lid
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