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decaf kayon farm // ethiopia

decaf kayon farm // ethiopia


Kayon Mountain Coffee farm was established in 2012 with the goal of producing the highest quality coffee and exporting it in the most socially and environmentally responsible manner possible. This family owned and managed farm is located in the southwest part of Ethiopia in the Oromia region of the Guji Zone. The farm has relatively young coffee trees that are grown under the forest canopy and use animal waste and compost as natural fertilizer. Kayon Mountain offers training to other farmers on organic certification, agronomic practices, and best harvesting and processing techniques. We think this is an exceptionally nice decaffeinated coffee and we’re tasting citrus, graham cracker, and cocoa.


Region – Oromia Region, Guji Zone
Elevation – 1900-2100m
Varietals – Heirloom Typica
Process – Washed with Swiss Water Decaffeination process