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Ethiopia | Halo Beriti

Ethiopia | Halo Beriti

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This beautiful Ethiopian coffee comes to Gaslight Coffee Roasters via Mr. Abeyot Ageze and the Halo Beriti mill. His family's involvement with coffee began with his grandparents in Yirgacheffe, who farmed coffee, enset, potato, and cereal crops.  

These heirloom coffees grow at an altitude of 1900-2150 masl in the Gedeo and Woreda zone. The coffee varietals are mostly Wulicho, Dega and Landrace. Once received by Ageze, these coffees undergo natural fermentation which is carefully monitored based on environmental conditions. The coffee is dried using standard beds made of wood and mats and are shaded to protect against direct sunlight and humidity.  

We're tasting Tahitian vanilla, peach gummy, and floral notes including violet.

Region: Gedeb
Varietals: Dega, Wolisho
Process: Washed