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Ethiopia | Reko Kochere

Ethiopia | Reko Kochere

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Reko Kochere is grown in the Reko Mountain area in Kochere within Yirgacheffe at 1950-2150 masl. It was processed at Aricha washing station, which offers complex and floral Yirgacheffe Grade 1 coffees. The recently revived washing station collects coffee cherries from Yirgacheffe’s most potent coffee forests. Approximately one thousand smallholder farmers from different communities come to Aricha to sell their cherries.

Aricha washing station is owned by Faysal Yonis, the founder of coffee exporter Testi Coffee, who is also working with the local community to build electricity networks, increase access to clean water, and coordinating the construction of a school.

We're tasting bergamot, currant, and nectarine.

Region - Yirgacheffe
Varietals - Kurume, Mixed Heirloom
Process - Washed