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Ethiopia | Suke Quto

Ethiopia | Suke Quto

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The Suke Quto farm is found in the Odo Shakisso woreda. Well known for its volcanic soil, farmer Tesfaye Bekele has maintained the quality of the soil through organic recycling by way of litterfall and root residue from coffee and shade trees. Suke Quto coffees are certified Organic and Rainforest Alliance. We last carried coffee from this farm in 2021.

This farm and coffee is part of Tesfaye’s larger vision to bring about environmental, social, and financial improvement to his community. Tesfaye’s farm was pivotal in convincing his community to plant and grow coffee in Guji, which now has a stellar reputation for Ethiopian coffees. With our importer partner Trabocca, Tesfaye have set up the Suke Quto School Project to build fully-equipped schools for the children of the Kurume and Suke villages.

We're tasting candied orange, bergamot, and nectarine.

Region - Guji, Shakisso
Varietals - Kurume, Welicho
Process - Washed