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Guatemala | La Colmenita

Guatemala | La Colmenita

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When Francisco Cardona Martin bought Finca La Colmenita ("The Beehive") in 2002, he had a vision: To produce the best quality coffees possible, by planting varieties known for excellence in separation, and investing heavily in innovative farming techniques. Primarily, Francisco cultivates Caturra and Bourbon plants at a high elevation of 1850 to 2000 masl. Far below, the deep valleys of San Pedro Necta stretch out and verdant ridges cast shadows from above.

Francisco is incredibly resourceful, investing nearly all profits from coffee sold back into the farm. He's beloved in the local community, with a kind and cheerful presence. When in Huehue City, he often attends cuppings with the importer's QC team to develop his skills and to learn how he can improve.

Francisco called his farm "The Beehive" because he loves his bees. They make the honey which provides a secondary income for the farm.

We're tasting dried fig, black cherry, and mixed nuts.

Region - Huehuetenango
Varietals - Caturra, Bourbon
Process - Washed