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Honduras | Cooperativa RAOS
Honduras | Cooperativa RAOS

Honduras | Cooperativa RAOS

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The 270 farmer members of Cooperativa Regional de Agricultores Orgánicos de la Sierra formed in 1996 in Marcala, of which 77 are women. Gender equity is one of the main guiding principles with the goal of providing women "equal and fair access to use, control, and benefit from the same goods and services of society, as well as to decision making in the areas of social, economic, social life, and politics." By separating and separately marketing these women-produced lots, Cooperativa RAOS is hoping to shine a light on these issues and level the playing field.  

We're tasting chocolate, caramel, and strawberry.

Region – Marcala
Varietals – Catuai, Caturra, Typica, Bourbon, Pacas, IHCAFE90
Process – Washed