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Iron Goddess White Tea

Iron Goddess White Tea

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Ms. Wang employed an experimental white tea process on a portion of their ‘Iron Goddess of Mercy’ varietal harvest. The much-beloved cultivar is usually associated with the beloved rolled-oolong style. Harvest occurred briefly after the garden's winter dormancy, instilling the tender shoots with a myriad of aromatic expressions. Though Fujian is perhaps the classical homeland of the noble white tea varieties, ‘Iron Goddess of Mercy’ is not generally produced in the style. The Wangs have long honored a spirit of experimentation and never shy away from a new flavor potential, no matter how uncommon.

Tasting Notes: Spruce needle, bamboo shoots, clover sprouts

Region: Anxi, Fujian, China

Producer: Ms. Wang

Brewing Recommendation: 5g tea | 340 mL water | 185°F | 3:00 min

Weight: 18g

Sourced by Spirit Tea (Chicago, IL)