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Karigane Genmaicha Green Tea

Karigane Genmaicha Green Tea

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A familiar comfort, genmaicha (“brown rice tea”), in all of its origin stories, underlines a sociopolitical theme: with sencha affordable to the ruling class, adding popped brown rice helped prolong a pot that was otherwise a luxury. Centuries later, it’s a favorite flavor in its own right. Though it’s easier to procure since it’s a beloved cupboard staple, we sourced this special karigane genmaicha blend by Mr. Kobayashi. Made from gyokuro and kabusecha stems, the remnants of spring harvests combine for a cup that’s as flavorful as it is practical, as well as reverent to the tea plant and the earth itself.

Tasting Notes: Sakura, toasted mochi, salted nori

Region: Kyotanabe, Uji, Japan

Producer: Mr. Kobayash

Brewing Recommendation: 5g tea | 340 mL water | 180°F | 2:45 min

Weight: 40g

Sourced by Spirit Tea (Chicago, IL)