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Kodoma Sencha Green Tea & Standard Tea Brewer

Kodoma Sencha Green Tea & Standard Tea Brewer

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This set pairs the Kodoma Sencha Green Tea and Standard Tea Brewer from our friends at Spirit Tea -

Kodoma Sencha Green Tea

Sencha is the beating heart of infused tea in Japan. The name itself means “steeped tea”—a testament to its ubiquity: the entire style emerged from a desire for everydayness. Beyond the beauty and refinement of chanoyu there was a need for the cup of tea that finds us when we first sit down; when we greet our guests. The Kodama Sencha is named for the protective tree spirits of Japanese folklore. It is a proprietary blend of summer and spring harvests and its signature hiire finishing is a closely guarded family secret. Expect the deep, expressive umami typical of Fukuoka teas, complemented by vibrant, fresh aroma and a lustrous green infusion. 

Notes of toasted nori, sesame, and honeydew.

Brewing Recommendation: 5g tea | 340 ml water | 175°F | 1:45 min


Standard Tea Brewer

A "press-pot" style teamaker with borosilicate glass and graduated milliliter markings, the Standard Tea Brewer is both simple and functional. Easy to clean with plenty of space for your leaves to breathe as well as excellent heat retention from the double-walled glass, it is an ideal vessel for everyday steeping.

  • 350ml capacity
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Brushed stainless steel lid
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