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los cipreses // costa rica

los cipreses // costa rica

This Costa Rica micro-lot comes to us from Finca Los Cipreses, owned by Alberto Delgado Mora, located in the La Joya district of Tarrazu. We purchased this coffee for use in our annual collaboration with 5 Rabbit Cervecería, who brews an Imperial Porter with coffee from Costa Rica. Read more about this project at

This coffee was sourced from and processed by a third generation family owned wet/dry mill named Rio Jorco. They not only processes coffee from their own farm, Los Lobos, but purchase coffee from nearby farms as well, paying a premium for and separating out exceptional coffees into micro-lots. We were fortunate enough to visit this mill a couple of years ago and were impressed with their commitment to quality and to nature conservation. 75% of their land is set aside for a nature reserve. The pulp removed from coffee cherries is used as a natural fertilizer, and the water is either recycled for use in the mill or treated before being returned to the earth.

We're tasting milk chocolate, lime, and hazelnut. We especially like this coffee for use as espresso, and it also performs nicely in a Chemex.

Region - La Joya, Tarrazu
Farm - Los Cipreses
Variety - Caturra, Catuai
Altitude - 1800m
Process Method - Washed