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Papua New Guinea | Kinmuga Peaberry

Papua New Guinea | Kinmuga Peaberry

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Network smallholders for Kinmuga coffees are located in the southern area of the Waghi valley at 1530 - 1830 masl. Surrounded by an extinct volcano, the sandy and loam soils are exceptionally fertile. The network coffee plots are close to the Wara Tuman, a large river that runs through the valley and brings nutrients from the highest volcanic mountains.

The cherries are sold at the Kindeng wet mill, where they are pulped, fermented, and processed to parchment. The parchment is then brought to the Kagamuga dry mill in Hagen. The combination of the farmers’ commitment, natural environment and high altitude tropical weather give this coffee its unique cup characteristics.

We're tasting shortbread, hazelnut, and fruit leather.

Region - South Waghi Valley
Varietals - Mixed Heirloom
Process - Washed