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reko // ethiopia

reko // ethiopia


The Reko washing station started production in 2001 and is located in Kochere, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia at an altitude of 1850-2200 meters. During harvest, which normally takes place between late October and mid-January, about 850 farmers bring their red cherries to the washing station. The washed coffees are first washed with water from a nearby river, after which they are pulped by an antique Agard pulping machine. The mucilage is removed by traditional fermentation, which lasts 36-48 hours depending on the weather conditions. The coffee is then dried on raised African beds (over 120 beds are present at this washing station) for 10-12 days. We're tasting stonefruit (mango), honey, and a bit of cacao


Region – Yirgacheffe, Gedeo Zone
Elevation – 1850-2200m
Varietals – Heirloom, Kurume
Process – Washed