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Rwanda | Bumbogo

Rwanda | Bumbogo

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The Bumbogo washing station is located in the Gakenke District (in the Northern region of Rwanda), which is known for producing top specialty coffee. Bumbogo opened in 2017 and has seen tremendous growth. It more than doubled its production from the first year and has continued to grow since. Coffees here are grown at 1650 - 2000 masl.

Bumbogo serves more than 500 small farmers in the area. There is a strong emphasis on providing agricultural education and seedlings to these farmers to help generate higher yields and incomes.

This coffee is high in sweetness with a clean, pleasant acidity and a juicy syrupy mouthfeel.

We're tasting cake batter, tamarind, yam, and lime.

Region - Gakenke
Varietals - Red Bourbon
Process - Washed