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Rwanda | Kinini Cooperative

Rwanda | Kinini Cooperative

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This coffee was produced by the Kinini Coffee Cooperative located in Kinini Village. 85% of its members are women. Its founders wanted to find a way to have generational impact without having to continually funraise for aid projects. At the same time, the Rwandan government began to build out infrastructure to support the growth and export of specialty coffee. Three years after the first trees were planted, the Kinini Cooperative had its first harvest in 2017.

“Kinini” means, literally, ‘this big thing right here’. This coffee is a reflection of the dreams and dedication of its community. The care taken at the farm, washing station (where the coffee fermented for 24-36 hours), and drying tables is evident in each cup.

We're tasting stroopwafel, canele, and tangerine.

Region - Nothern Province
Varietals - Bourbon
Process - Washed